School Teachers’ Review Body remit letter for 2024 published

21st December 2023

On 20 December the Secretary of State for Education wrote to the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) to ask for recommendations on the pay and conditions for teachers and school leaders for 2024/25.

Key messages included in the letter include:

  • Placing the 2023/24 pay award in context as being historically high in light of the extraordinary macroeconomic context
  • A request  to consider the historic nature of the 2023/24 award and the Government’s affordability position when making any recommendations about the 2024/5 pay award
  • Confirmation that any recommendations be made in the light of:
-Cost pressures that schools are already facing and may face over the year
-Potential equalities impacts associated with any changes proposed
-The need to ensure that any proposals are not too difficult or onerous for schools to implement
-Evidence of the national state of teacher and school leader supply, including rates of recruitment and retention, vacancy rates, and the quality of candidates entering the profession
-Forecast changes in the pupil population and consequent changes in the level of demand for teachers
-The Government’s commitment to increasing autonomy for all head teachers and governing bodies to develop pay arrangements that are suited to the individual circumstances of their schools

The STRB is due to report back to the Department for Education in May 2024.

We will keep you updated on any further developments.

School Teachers’ Review Body remit letter for 2024 published

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